Making Multi-Player Online Game Book coming soon to Amazon

Update! I’ve changed the book title from “Phaser Multi-Player Gaming Systems”, included other Gaming Framework, have more MMoG open source examples in both Phaser v2.x.x and III, the block-chain game “Hot Potatoe”, Distributed Game Apps (DApp), and am nearly finished with the final edits for chapters 6-8. Book is at 95% completion on

All that remains is a working tutorial demonstrating various facets of MMoG development.

The book is still in pre-release pricing; tell your friends to reserve their copies now.
The supporting “Walk-Through Tutorial” is at and access is FREE for book owners.

I see on the book description that it mentions PHP. Is that the back-end language used? I know that real-time websockets can be a bit dicey with PHP. Is the final project real-time multiplayer?

You haven’t read the book. I discuss PHP vs NodeJS in an entire chapter.

No I haven’t read the book. I was just asking a question based on the book description. That is good, though. I see the last part of the book uses websockets, so the book does discuss real-time MMoG creation, either in the book or in the external step-by-step tutorial?

Yes, the book has a (private link) to a free course which develops MMoG using PHP/Phaser v2.x.x. or vIII.17
Real-time is the “most” difficult to manage. I provide suggestions for SSE (Server-side Events) to compensate.

The external MMoG is also available as a work-in-progress currently (free with book purchase) or available separately from

I have a new “discounted” set of books on

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