Matterjs joints with min max angles

Hello, I’m pretty new to Phaser and physic libraries, so I’m unsure if my project can be done with matterjs.
It’s similar to the following: Evolving Genetic Virtual Creatures | Softology's Blog A “creature” made out of some rectangles as limbs, that should move by rotating it’s limbs at a specific frequency.

However, I don’t want the rectangles to always rotate 360°. It should be possible to set min and max values (e.g. a leg moves back and forth). From my research I found that many physics libraries (most based on box2d) have a min and max option, and even an included motor. Matterjs doesn’t.

For now, I only got the limbs to move by tweening. For example with the following:

       from: 20,
       to: 90,
       yoyo: true,
       repeat: -1,
       onUpdate: (tween) => {

But from my understanding, this sets leg1 always at a specific angle in the world, not at an angle in relation to another body. If the creature moves around, this angle won’t be correct anymore.
How would I be able to do that here? Or should I switch to another physics library?

Thanks for any help.