Move a sprite along a rectangle shaped path

Hello, I am coding an asteroid clone. Right now what Im trying to achieve is to move a sprite following a path shaped like a rectangle. So far nothing has happened. I tried putting the sprite in a group (as with my asteroids groups) to give the single sprite movemente without success. Then I found the PathFollower sprite which I think is what I need, but nothing happened. While trying the path follower no errors appeared on the console. How can I do to make this work? Thank you.

This is the code of the Path follower

    const path = [
        { x: 100, y: 100 },
        { x: 300, y: 100 },
        { x: 300, y: 300 },
        { x: 100, y: 300 },
        { x: 100, y: 100 }
    new Phaser.GameObjects.PathFollower(this, path, 100, 100, 'enemyufo')