Moving platform and collision with tilemap DynamicTilemapLayer

I’m trying to make a moving platform that works together with a tilemap. Platform is a PathFollower that yoyos on a path, not moving with physics. I update player’s position to move with the platform in update-function since othterwise he would just slide off. I have to stop this updating when colliding with another platform (tilemap layer) so that the player would be pushed off the moving platform. One of the problems with this is that tilemap collision does not seem to happen if player velocity is zero(just standing, not walking), there is no blocked in body or collision callback happening. What does however work is setting layer.setTileIndexCallback to listen to collisions to certain tiletype and allowing me to unstick the player from the platform. Why is there such a difference between these two collision callbacks and any ideas on how to get the collision to happen on all tiles (full layer) so I can unstick the player?