Multiline text white space ascii art

I’m trying to do some ascii art and the white extra white space is getting stripped out.
Is there a way to preserve the white space?

        x: 70,
        y: 50,
        text: [
        " That's",
        "      All ",
        "          Folks!"
        style: {
            font: 'bold 25px Arial',
            fill: 'green'

Hello, I was just testing this simple example and my guess is that “make.text” is buggy with arrays… and make sure you have the latest version.
I would try…

text: [
" That's",
"      All ",
"          Folks!"

this.add.text(x, y, [your, texts], style)

Unfortunately is still removing the leading spaces in the strings

If i’m not missunderstanding here it is working with leading spaces…

Try to isolate your code to test, and make sure you have the latest version of Phaser (3.23)

Ok, on review of my code, I am actually changing the text later on in the game and using setText(newText); where newText could actually be a string or the array of text. So I will have to modify that call and if I pass an array to use the .join('\n')
perhaps something like:
txt.setText(newText.constructor === Array ? newText.join('\n') : newText);

I would use…

txt.setText(Array.isArray(newText) ? newText.join('\n') : newText);

Anyway, looks like setText should work well with arrays