New platform web games

Hello. We are is beginner project for web game. Now we are collecting games and need your help, dear developer. If you have web game, we will be glad see it on our site and help you promote it. Sign up at link and become developer gmerio.

  • It’s totally free. You don’t need pay for something.
  • Its advertising free. You can place ads wherever you want without obligations and earn money without commission.
  • All rights belong you. You can edit game as you want, delete at any moment or place at others platforms.
  • You can make iframe mode, if you want use external source, or uploads files on the (our repository can work only with html+js).

We also need feedback, this really important thing, we want to make really useful, сonvenient system for creating web games.

The best game will be on the home page .

In the near future, we plan to create a system for the development of multiplayer games using our server on nodejs + html .

Thanks for attention. Join us and develop your games.