[Phaser 3][Cordova] 360 Deg Spin Shot


I thought about to make this kind of game long time ago. and just made it recently.
I had already publish the game in Phaser 2
And in currently updating the game to Phaser 3

Name : 360 Shot Space
Game Genre : Defense, Casual Shooter, 360 Degree Spin.

*** Could only play on mobile device. because the game using compass system to play.
*** You need to move your body to play because compass system.

How to play
Just like using a compass.
Hold your phone flat in the palm of your hand
Spin around while holding your phone in your hand to change direction of space ship
Tap screen to fire the object

Number of object to show up will increase randomly about 10%
Fire Speed increase along with number object show up.
Bullet, Object speed increase after every time destroy object.
Shop to buy new ship.
Collect Star

extra life.
location to help move the ship around while you moving.
buy shield and bomb.
more kind of bullet.
change bullet type match with ship.
use another kind of physics (arcade currently) with some another kind of object.
maybe make something like a boss or many stage.

I think this game idea are good :smiley: but not for people that lazy to move around.
and will get dizzy after some game.

If you got any suggest. Please contact me.

Demo game play in PC.

Download link.
Android (Phaser 3)

iOS (Phaser 2) currently wait for approve to new version using Phaser 3