[Phaser 3 - Finished] Tangram Puzzle - My first phaser game

Hi everyone.

I have never programmed games before. From 1st August 2020, I have started to learn Phaser and this is the finished game that I build: Tangram puzzle classics game

You guys may be familiar with this kind of puzzle game, but I have tried to make it more fun and creative. The rule is still the same: assemble all 7 polygons to make the target shape without overlaping each other. If you find the solution, just press “solved” button to play next shape.

When making the flip() function for the parallelogram, firstly I read the docs to find whether Phaser have API for this method, but no, only Text and Image object have. Therefore, I have to actually create 2 parallelograms flipped each other and hide one of them.

I also make the game canvas size have 3 ratios: 800:600 for desktop & iPad, 800:450 (16:9) for iPhone and 800:400 (18:9) for Android phone. The size works well, except one thing: the fullscreen do not work on iPhone and Safari on MacOS.

When I deploy the game to my Wordpress post, firstly I have some trouble with displaying canvas and fullscreen mode. But finally, I find a very simple solution: just put it in an iframe and everything works exactly what you expect.

Many thanks to Phaser team. I am a web developer from Vietnam.