[Phaser 3] Math Game

I released my game on kongregate.
Play here:

It’s just one game that I had worked on it in the past with godot engine and I had to to do all entire code in javascript.!
See some images

Direct link:


Nice game :slight_smile: , would like to see a Learderboard added and a hard mode.

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@Nemesis thanks for the idea. This game was the firts that I released, just remade it for the nostalgia.

I tried to play it from my Android but Kongregate says it cannot be played from mobile phones.

@plicatibu Thanks for the feedback. I think that is a problem with the kongregate (or maybe some something that myself forgot to add). I will check this.

@plicatibu could you please check if the game works now? Thanks

oh sh*t man, this is a problem with the kongregate site.

Mobile users must acess link with the ?bypass_mobile=1
Check for here:

By using the new link I could play it.

Very nice.


You can turn on Desktop mode on Chrome

A very clever way to teach math!

I’ve done the same in my

  • "quiz-style" game mechanics (Phaser v2.x.x and WIP for Phaser III) and
  • a memory-match style in both Phaser v2.x.x and Phaser v3.16+ with a tutorials for both.

@PBMCube thanks man. This game was very simple, some people say that needs some more “charllenge”. Today I will give a look at yours games, now it’s 4h oclock here, I go to the bed.

@PBMCube man, I looked at your games. The quiz-style is like my game, just to make calcs. When I made my game, at 2015, it looks like “fun” yo me, but the players never liked it to be honest, and I discovered why: just make calcs it’s not good, it needs some more gamification. For example, my game needs some mechanics of games, like enemies to defeat, levels, powerups, some kind of freedom place to explore, etc.

just make calcs it’s not fun because if do, math was funny without any difficulty. But, only math is not funny.

it was a hard lesson that I’ve learned from this game. Like I said, I just remade it for nostalgia.
Today I’m trying to learn how to make a math game fun, through game mechanics, so I’ve search google for answers and I found this:

Man, this is perfect to make a math game more funny! If you like to make more fun math games, take a look at this paper.

I appreciate the time you took and your information. The Phaser Math game is my third release from its original Flash version released in 2010.
Here are my statistics from MochiMedia:

Total Hosts: 119

1,777,988 Sessions
Avg. Plays / Host:
3,350,210 Gameplays
2,521,158 Impressions

$526.94 Earnings 2010 to 2014-03-31 (MochiMedia closure)

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It’s good stats! The mine not had such stats, even 1K plays I had. So, I’m going make another math game, serious games for me it’s “serious”, for this soon I will release another game, maybe in one week. Thanks for your stats and good luck to us with our games.

You are a clever developer as demonstrated in your previous games. Let’s keep in touch … I covet your insight!

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