[Phaser 3] Spine Examples (change skins, animations and attachments)


I have made a Spine Example for Phaser 3 (3.16.0-rc3)

You can change the goblin’s skin, animation and his weapon.

Play the example.

View the source code.


Really nice, how did you created the character and the animations ?


They are some of default characters included with Spine.


If you want to create your own characters, watch the Spine User Guide and some Spine Tutorials.

To use spine with your favorite image editing tool, download the Spine Scripts.


I am learning how to draw with Krita but most of the time I use the Gimp to draw may be i’ll give Spine a try as I didn’t find any more support with Dragon Bones

Thank you for the links


Thank you for the links

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I use inkscape to draw.