[Phaser 3 - Vue] Space shooter with destructable objects

Game is built by Phaser 3, Vue, TypeScript. Aiming to use destructible objects and build a space shooter.

It’s still a project in progress with only bare-bones. The frame rate is not ideal, but it’s working and may fit for a demo purpose… For the next step I need to figure out a good way to calculate collisions between destructible objects, which needs even more CPU resources.

demo: https://xjxxjx1017.github.io/spacewarrealism/
github: https://github.com/xjxxjx1017/spacewarrealism

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Nice looking tech demo, although it’s hard to tell much about the gameplay and fun factor at this stage.
I like how the player ship can be edited/upgraded, but think destruction of enemies lacks a little explosion or other visual reward, despite the coolness of the partial destruction.

Here’s a link for inspiration, to an old flash game which this reminded me of: https://armorgames.com/play/3097/space-pips

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It’s not too difficult to make the object split when the body has been damaged and not connected anymore, that might be where the explosion part will start from.

Another thing I might be able to do would be to have the objects collide, there would some interesting challenge on making this happen.

Thx for the link :wink:

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