Problem restarting a tween

I am going through the Zenva tutorial course, and I have come across something pretty simple that isn’t working for me. I have probably missed something really obvious.

In the course, he is using restart() to begin paused tweens. But it isn’t working. I debugged into Phaser and it seems the state of my tween is “pending_add” which causes the restart to abort. Using play() works fine to begin them but I am wanting to understand what “pending add” means and why I would be in that state that would cause restart() to not work. Here is the pretty simple code (for space, I am only including the Phaser.Actions.Call where it is applying the tween events to each member of a group; if more is needed, please let me know):

Phaser.Actions.Call(this.items.getChildren(), function(item){

    //creating tween - resize tween
    item.resizeTween = this.tweens.add({
        targets: item,
        scaleX: 1.5,
        scaleY: 1.5,
        duration: 300,
        paused: true,
        yoyo: true

    //transparency tween
    item.alphaTween = this.tweens.add({
        targets: item,
        alpha: 0.7,
        duration: 200,
        paused: true

    item.on('pointerdown', pointer => {

    //listen to the pointerover event
    item.on('pointerover', pointer => {

    item.on('pointerout', pointer => {
        item.alpha = 1;
}, this);

Thank you for any assistance!