Progress monitoring

I’m thinking of adding some sort of progress tracker to my game but I’m curious to know how you’re monitoring the game progress in your games. Do you have a class that keeps track of what the player has accomplished? For example which boss has been defeated, which cut scene or level has been completed, etc.

I’m thinking of maybe adding a class called something like ProgressTracker which keeps track of the game state and sends a signal to the game scene when it’s time to start a new cut scene, open a locked door, etc.

I just use a playerState object in my Player class, and save it on localStorage. But that could work with a dedicated class too.

Edit: but i don’t need to emit anything, so in your case a class is better imo

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Okay, then I will give it a try :slight_smile: Here is a diagram that illustrates the communication flow that I have in mind: