Publisher looking for Developers

First of all, admin if this post is not in the right place, please let me know. I couldn’t see anything in guidelines preventing me for posting this here, but let me know if I am wrong :slight_smile:

Next, let me first introduce myself! I am Sebastian, Head of Publishing with FRVR, a leading publisher in the post-app store world!

Here at FRVR we partner up with developers to publish their games to millions of players through an established development ecosystem aiming at giving you the best odds at success .

This is done through our extensive distribution capabilities, which include 20+ channels and platforms like Facebook and Samsung (and some other secret and upcoming ones too!).

So far we have released 70+ games which have been enjoyed by over 1 Billion players worldwide, and we’re only getting started!

We also offer our developer partners guidance and support, whether it’s assets, game design best practices, QA, localization, monetization and general publishing efforts.

In short, we strive to put you in the right spot with the right tools to do what you do best: make awesome games , and not have to think about all the different platform integrations - which is all handled by us! You code once and we deploy everywhere .

We’ve been hard at work in perfecting this formula with a closed batch of developer partners, generating over $1 million in royalties for these developers, and it’s now time to expand to the next group of talented game developers, which is why we’re reaching out to you here!

If all this sounds interesting, let’s have a chat! Send me an email at along with a showcase of games you’ve made and some more info about yourself.

Looking forward to getting in touch with some talented developers!

Best Regards,
Sebastian Warnez - Head of Publishing @ FRVR