screen stuttering on touch on mobile devices

Hi I’m making a game with phaser where the player has to move left, centre and right to avoid and grab items that come down from the top.

However, on my mobile device, whenever I touch the player to move them, the items that are coming down with velocity.y are jerking once in a while.
It’s like flickering or stuttering.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I’m currently looking at the forums
antialiasGL: false,batchSize: 512, but that didn’t work.

The version of phaser I’m using is 3.80.1, and I’m developing in Next.js.

create() {
this.input.on('pointerdown', this.handlePointerDown, this);
update(time: any, delta: any) {
        this.itemSpawnDelay = this.isInvincible ? 300 : 1000;

        if (time - this.lastItemSpawnTime > this.itemSpawnDelay) {
            this.lastItemSpawnTime = time;
spawnItem() {
        if (this.gameFinished) return;
        const randomPosition = Phaser.Math.RND.pick([this.positions.left,, this.positions.right]);
        const randomItemKey = Phaser.Math.RND.pick(['globefish', 'rock', 'shark', 'wave']);
        const item = this.items?.create(randomPosition, 0, randomItemKey).setScale(this.devicePixelRatio / 3);

        if (this.isInvincible) {
            item.body.velocity.y = this.fastSpeed;
        } else {
            item.body.velocity.y = this.normalSpeed;