Simple animations with lines and dots - how to?

Hi all, I’m wondering what would be the best practice to enhance some simple elements of my game with animations.

For now I’m thinking of two things:

1. simple lines, like a really thin 1px thin line showing a direction
I haven’t found a nice example, but this might show the direction:

It shouldn’t be that fancy colorful, more like a static line with “color A” pulsating in a single direction with “color B” to show the player the direction of movement. Maybe thinking about a “bullet” (thats “color B”) shooting on top of the static line with “color A”?

As I need those lines to be dynamic in length and direction a sprite won’t do the job (please correct me if I’m wrong!)

2. pulsating dots
A simple ripple effect on an active or clicked static dot.
Like this example:*gwQB_VLm07m11ZLyO35d2g.gif

How would you build this element? With simple circle elements and tweens? Or better a sprite with each state as an image?

Thanks in advance!
Best, Jan

It can be implemented by drawing Graphics every tick.

Here is a series of 3rd party spinner plugins

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Thanks for the quick reply and your fantastic plugins!!!