(Solved)How to disable double click or disable full screen?


Hello there, I created a button “refresBut”. I call the following line clicking on the button


Because of the above line my game gets refresh.
No problem with this refreshing as I want this feature.

The problem arises when I double click or click this “refresBut” multiple times then the game goes in full screen mode.

My question is why it is going in full screen ?

and how to prevent it ?

or how to disable double click in phaser?

My code for button “refresBut” is as follows:-

refresBut = game.add.button(95, 27, ‘refresBut’, actionOnClickRefresh, this);
refresBut.anchor.set(.5, .5);

and actionOnClickRefresh function is as follows:-

function actionOnClickRefresh()

please help me.



Hello there I solved my problem by removing following line from create function:-