[Solved] Touch/mouse gesture

I make a match 3 game, currently i just use ‘on pointerdown’ and ‘on pointerup’ to swap object.

I think this is are not perfect to my game, i want to swipe with gesture.

So, object will be swap on specific touch speed and touch distance, and can be swapped without ‘on pointerup’.

Is there any method to do this?

Update: I use ‘this.input.on(‘pointermove’, function(pointer){ // }’ and some variable (if ) to trigger a function.

Hello @willis!
I haven’t yet implemented such an input in a game. A short search on google resulted in the following output, which might help you:

Thanks for your reply, i use this.input.on(‘pointermove’, function(pointer){//} and some hack, it’s working fine for me.

Hi will ,how do you solved? Did it support smooth scroll?