Space Explorer - My First Phaser Game

I wanted to share my very first Phaser game project with all of you. :video_game:

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Space Explorer, a multiplayer space adventure game. :rocket: This project marks my first attempt at game development using Phaser, and I must say, it’s been an incredibly fun learning experience.

Here’s the GitHub repository link where you can check out the game: GitHub - DawoodKMasood/space-explorer

I’m well aware that there’s room for improvement, and I’m eager to learn and grow as a game developer. If you have any feedback or suggestions, I’d greatly appreciate your insights. :pray:

I hope you enjoy playing the game and witnessing my journey into the world of game development.

Best regards.


I tried but the assets are missing.

Yeah, sorry about that. There was a problem with Vercel deployment.

It should be live on: