Start animation at a specific frame

I try to start an animation at a specific frame instead from the first one,
but I had no luck yet.
I know about the startFrame parameter an I already tried to use it via'jump', true, 7); as visual studio told me via tooltip, but the animation still starts at first frame.
Maybe it’s because I’m using a sprite atlas with frame names, I don’t know.

My actual goal is to connect two animations.
One is a normal running animation and the other is the same animation, but with different hand poses.
I can switch them while running, but then the new animations starts from first frame which makes it look ugly.
When switching I want to read the frame number from the old animation and start the new animation at this frame.

I’m thankful for any kind of help. :slight_smile:

Since Phaser v3.50 I think it must be{ key: 'jump', startFrame: 7 }, true);
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Damn brackets. ^^
Works perfectly, also together with grabbing the current frame of the old animation.
Thank you. :smiley: