Super SHMUP Fighters - A classic space shooter



Hello everyone,

I present you my first game, a relatively classic space shooter, started on Phaser 2 and then switched to Phaser 3. This is a very simple game on which I worked for a while to learn how to make a video games (with Phaser).

To present it in the best conditions, I wanted the game to be “complete”, with a “START” screen , a complete level with a final boss, a “SCORE” screen (without any saving part) , several types of weapons etc…

The game is basic and can be quickly finished, but we can consider this first version as complete.

The graphics are very simplistic. I had to work with a close but he did not have enough time to provide me a complete set, so I did the graphics myself but that’s not my strong point!

This game is missing only some musics that I am currently composing (yes I also compose music).

I spent a lot of time doing a little “AI” which is able to control some enemies.

I do not know if I will have time to work on this game in the coming weeks, to integrate the musics, add levels, features, a multi-player mode, etc …

So I present this version as it is.

If you have questions about the possibility of distributing the code in open source, I have not made a decision yet.

Although I’m not sure to continue coding this game, I would appreciate your feedback and comments on this project.

Note: The original game need a “Pad” Controller, but you can play the “touchpad” version if you don’t have a controller and prefer to play with a virtual controller on screen.

PS: Sorry for my imperfect english, i’m just a self-educated french developer who did not have any diploma :innocent:.

Homepage (on my site):
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Touchpad version: