Texture Atlas from Adobe Animate

Hi everybody,

I’m searching for a framework to start the development of a long term game development project. After a lot of research, Phaser looks like the best match for me and the project.

I have found support for 2D skeleton animations from Spine in the documentation. However, I do have a lot of high quality animations, made with Adobe Animate, which I would like to use. Is that possible?

I know I could export the animations as spritesheets, but that would generate way too many sprites.

Thank you in advance,



I think it’s only Spine or atlas/spritesheets, unfortunately. :frowning:

Thank you for the confirmation.

That means I would have about 20 to 25 2048x2048 spritesheets.

Do you think that’s feasible for desktop and mobile?

It seems like a lot for mobile.

For desktop you could probably combine into 4096 × 4096 images.