Tiles foreachtiles

hi i used Sharks code in old forum but the collision works but it creates only the static group on onespot

  var overlapObjects = this.map.getObjectLayer('Overlap')['objects']; //my Object layer was called Overlap
        let overlapObjectsGroup = this.game.physics.add.staticGroup({
    let i = 0;
    overlapObjects.forEach(object => {
    let obj = overlapObjectsGroup.create(object.x, object.y, 'grass');
        obj.setScale(object.width/32, object.height/32); //my tile size was 32
        obj.setOrigin(0); //the positioning was off, and B3L7 mentioned the default was 0.5
        obj.body.width = object.width; //body of the physics body
        obj.body.height = object.height;

    overlapObjectsGroup.refresh(); //physics body needs to refresh

    this.game.physics.add.overlap(this.player, overlapObjectsGroup, this.test, null, this);

so i tried it on a tilempa layer grass for example and it creates the frame 30 times on the same spot?
How to code it so every tile get a new position?