Time.addEvent remove won't actually REMOVE it

I was playing with time.addEvent of this example but there is something puzzling regarding the removal of the event. Although either of the two methods below


will stop the event to tick, if you

console.log (timedEvent);

right after the remove or destroy methods, the event still will show up while I think that it should return undefined instead. It’s clear to me that both methods actually won’t clear it from the memory.

Does it wave to the fact that we should be very carefull when using timers?

I figured that the example is no good (as many other online examples that doesn’t work).
Instead I found the solution at API docs.

Here a complete example of creating and destroying a timed event:

this.MyTimedEvent = this.time.addEvent({
   delay: 1000,
   callback: this.MyCallBackFunction,
   args: [arg1,arg2],
   callbackScope: this,
   repeat: 3

this.MyTimedEvent = undefined;