Typed Array Buffer Schema (objects to buffer converter)


Typed Array Buffer Schema

Hi everyone!

This is not really Phaser related, but I’m sure many of you can use it.

It’s a library to convert JavaScript Objects to ArrayBuffers.
Here is a introduction video I’ve made. And you will find the source code on github.


import { BufferSchema, Model } from '@geckos.io/typed-array-buffer-schema'
import { uint8, int16, uint16, uint64, string8 } from '@geckos.io/typed-array-buffer-schema'

// create the player schema
const playerSchema = BufferSchema.schema('player', {
  id: uint8,
  name: string8,
  x: { type: int16, digits: 2 },
  y: { type: int16, digits: 2 }

// create the main schema
const mainSchema = BufferSchema.schema('main', {
  time: uint64,
  tick: uint16,
  players: [playerSchema],

// create the main model
const mainModel = new Model(mainSchema)

// your game state
const gameState = {
  time: new Date().getTime(),
  tick: 32580,
  players: [
    { id: 0, name: 'Player1', x: -14.43, y: 47.78 },
    { id: 1, name: 'Player2', x: 21.85, y: -78.48 }

// toBuffer()
const buffer = mainModel.toBuffer(gameState)

// fromBuffer()
const data = mainModel.fromBuffer(buffer)

Hope you like it :smiley:

Hi, looks cool !
Friendly feedback/questions here…

  1. Diving a little bit in your code, my eyes went to flatten method and line 42 checking prop after looping them looks redundant?
  2. Why is needed to define a string id in " BufferSchema.schema('id', {...?
    I mean, in your examples, “player” and “main” ids are never used anymore, right?

Anyway very nice idea and great work.
Thanks for sharing!

Thanks :smiley:

I don’t know. I usually always use hasOwnProperty.
This is from developer.mozilla.org: If you only want to consider properties attached to the object itself, and not its prototypes, use getOwnPropertyNames() or perform a hasOwnProperty() check.

It is needed to create a unique id for the schema. I once had the issue that 2 schemas looked the same, so their hash (I use the schema’s hash for the id), where the same. By including a unique name, I can make sure the hashes will be unique.

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