"Uknown component" in Phaser.Scene getting from a Vue component

Made component that loads data and builds up a scene. This is part of the code:

  mounted() {
    if (this.Game == null) {
      const config = {
      axios.get("/world").then(response => {
        this.worldData = response.data;
        this.Game = new Phaser.Game(config);
        let layerMap = new LayerMap( // LayerMap extends Phaser.Scene.
        this.tileSize = this.worldData.TileSize;
        this.Game.scene.add("MapLayer", layerMap, true);
  data() {
    return {
      Game: null,
      worldData: null,
      tileSize: null

The scene renders fine.

When checking the component with the Vue explorer, I get this:

“Unknown Component” This is specially annoying from the scene, as I need to access to it for further work. Is the scene and renderer objects here somehow separated from Phaser? I’m clueless.


why don’t u try normal firefox or chrome dev tools?

Because I need the Vue object to access the underlying data so I need to check what’s Vue doing with the Phaser object.