What is wrong with tiled and tilemaps? it does not render and there is no error

Too many hours I have spent researching what is wrong, every line of code I have checked over and over again, I have googled, I can’t find the solution.

In tiled I export the tilemap as JSON, base64 uncompressed, the tilesets embed, I check the name of the tileset, and nothing, just nothing appears, what the heck is wrong?

{ "compressionlevel":-1,

import { Scene } from 'phaser';
export class LoadingScene extends Scene {

    constructor() {
    preload(): void {
        this.load.image('base_tiles', 'assets/plowed_soil.png')
        this.load.tilemapTiledJSON('map', 'assets/plowed_soil.json')

    create(): void {
        console.log('Loading scene was created');

        const map = this.make.tilemap({ key: "map" })
        const tileset = map.addTilesetImage("plowed_soil", "base_tiles") 

        const layer = map.createLayer("ground", tileset)


Remove that line.

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OMG!!! , thank you so much!!! , now is working!!, I’m just learning how to use the library.

I still wonder why this line was the problem?, now my scene-1 does not load, where do I call it?

//level-1 .ts

import { Scene } from 'phaser';
export class Level1 extends Scene {
    constructor() {
    create(): void {
        console.log("level 1")


Shutdown this Scene and run the given one.

You shutdown the scene that was showing the tilemap layer.

Make sure you added all the scenes when creating the game.