Alternatives To Tiled

I am on a school account so I can’t install Tiled as it requires an admin account. What other alternatives to tiled are there compatible with Phaser?

I don’t know any, but if you search for online tilemap editor you can find some. Ideally you want a Tiled JSON-compatible export. But any JSON format you could get into Phaser somehow — see Creating Blank Layers.

which one do you reccomend?

I don’t know, I haven’t tried any. :slight_smile:

If you’re very patient, you could do Create From Array without using a map editor.

as samme wrote is with an arrqy would be an option, if the map should be bigger you could even ise a csv file. like in this example Phaser 3 Examples And csv files you could create with excel or googles docs or even a text-file editor. Might be an easy alternative.

@akumagamo & @samme I found this map editor

it allows me to export my maps in a png format. would this work?