Map and texture atlas?


I would like to use texture atlas for creating a map, but I didn’t find yet any good solution.

For now, I’ve decided to use Tiled and convert my texture atlas as a tileset, but it is a complicate process and not an efficient solution. It can’t deal animated sprite, tileset can be really long to make and heavy to load and it is not possible to have pixel perfect position.

It is possible to use Phaser Editor, but I’m only looking for a map editor. I want to keep doing doing the rest by coding in javascript and that doesn’t seem possible with Phaser Editor (maybe I missed the proper feature).

I’ve read an old post from 2015 where Richard Davey wrote he was still using Flash to create a JSFL script like explained here. But that seems really old school to me and I don’t really want to depend on Adobe. Maybe things changed since then.

Tiled JSON Map Format could have been a great solution, since it is widely used and can deal objects with pixel perfect position (as long as many other things), but Tiled Map Editor unfortunately doesn’t offer the possibility to manage texture atlas and pixel perfect position for sprite.

So is there a better solution today? And especially, is there a cross-platform solution? If there is one thing I’ve learned by making Flash game is that you should always prefer cross-platform solution when creating game assets.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Have you tried objects layers inTiled?
This give you an array with pixel position, you can iterate this array and add any game object to it

Yes, I do that for adding NPC and enemies. Unfortunately, it is not really praticable if I want to use it to make the map by itself, since you don’t see the final result on Tiled. It is a problem while using objects that are different size (and there are, if not, I will use a tileset). I can’t imagine it to place trees, bushes, houses or whatever element that can be displayed on stage. But that means that Tiled JSON Map Format will be sufficient enought to deal such a thing, if the editor was dealing it.