Arcade Physics without Phaser

I have completely detached the Arcade Physics from the Phaser 3 repository.
This way it is much easier to run the awesome Arcade Physics engine on the server or together with another rendering engine.

It is only about 20kB in size.



Nice one!
Did you compare it with Matter JS or with any other physics engine running on the server?

I’m close to start looking into options to P2js, which is clean physics, and my idea was to create a few instances of the same stuff with different platforms to get some performance metrics to decide based on that.

I guess it is faster than MatterJS, but also has less features.

Arcade Physics compares only simple boxes (without rotation) and circles.

I don’t think you can compare these libraries based on performance but based on the features you need.

I have never used p2 since MatterJS is very very good.

Indeed, I want to compare performance on the basic features I need, a world with simple collisions for now is more than enough :wink:
Also, though I will compare P2js and MatterJS, it seems Arcade Physics are too basic if only “compares simple boxes (without rotation) and circles”.
Another option I was considering was just create some drivers and allow users to decide which to use, like plugins.

Thanks for sharing and the reply!

Sounds good.

If you someday make a comparison between P2 and MatterJS, please ping me so that I receive a notification and can have a look at it.

Will do!

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