Should I use Phaser 2+Box2D or Phaser 3+Matter?

I would like to develop a platformer game like Sonic with physics engine.
I have bought Phaser 2+Box2D
I want to try Phaser 3+Matter, because Phaser 3 is new. but I think Box2D is many powerful physics engine.

Should I use Phaser 2+Box2D or Phaser 3+Matter ??? Thank you very much.

In general you should always use the latest software. Matter is pretty cool.

Bascially Phaser 3 is more ES6 friendly, but I guess your question is more on which physical system to use as you duplicated it in both topics, right ? Otherwise please refere to my answer here

I tried to use Matter.js build a simple plaltformer game.
and see Modular Game Worlds in Phaser 3 (Tilemaps #5) — Matter Physics Platformer for reference.

Maybe I am super stupid.
I think Matter.js is hard and confuse…

Box2D is easy to handle collision detection and set Collision Filter of object

about when the object stay on the Slope.
Box2D is very very easy to handle when the object on the slope platform


about Matter.js , I need to hardcode to set the object setVelocityY(0) ,setVelocityX(0) ,setIgnoreGravity(true)

Maybe I am stupid, I think Box2D is better than Matter, the code is easy to handle.
Am I rubbish ??

Well, people prefer to use what they already know I guess. If Box does everything you need, that’s fine but you’ll miss out on Phaser 3 exclusive features like dom elements, further updates etc.

Isn’t Phaser CE still being updated by the open source community?

Yes it is and probably will be called phaser2-ce in case of a phaser3-ce in it’s own repository, leaving GitHub/photonstorm/phaser as the main development repository in case of future versions

Ahh, good point. I didn’t think of about a Phaser 3CE one day.

But it isn’t quuuuite as bad to stick with Phaser CE for now to use Box2D. The downside is you still are going down a different road from Phaser 3.

YES, I using both.
If I create a mini game without physic engine, I will use Phaser 3, because Phaser 3 is much better that Phaser 2. The code is very simple and easy to learn

but, If i need to physics engines, I think Box2D is the best choice.
So I hope Phaser 3 can release Box2D physic.

Yes, I using it both.
if game have physic, I using Phaser 2 + Box2D.
if game without complex physic. I using Phaser 3