arcTo confusion


I’m not sure what I’m missing. Trying to draw a curved line, from point a to point b. Experimented with bezierCurveTo, hoping to accomplish this without using that. I’m generating random curved lines (yeehaw) and hoping to keep it as simple as I can - it seems to me arcTo is almost a convenience API to arc, and would love to make it work for my case.

const graphics =, 0);
graphics.lineStyle(4, 0xFFFFFF);
graphics.arcTo(0, 0, 200, 200, 10);

To me the above should have a white line that starts at 0,0, ends at 200,200, and is curved. The output however is nothing - no line drawn at all, or if it is it must be out of scene. I expected this to work like lineTo without having to call something to stroke the line (like I see in the Phaser 3 API).

Am I using this method wrong, or what am I missing? Using Phaser v.2.11.0