Black screen when first entering the game

When I try to open the game tab on the browser it shows a black screen until I reload the tab, this black screen only appears when I first enter the game, and is not shown again when I reload, do you have any idea on what might be causing this?

There are no errors? Add some logging to see what the game is doing.

There are no errors, I tried logging the first things the program does and I found out that it finishes the preload function, but then it doesn’t starts the create function, which is weird…

Loading may be stuck. Look in Network tab.

Hmmm… that seems true, it just stays like this:

No requests at all?

I put these event listeners to check if it was loading:

        this.load.on("progress",function (progress) {
            console.log(parseInt(progress * 100) + '%');
        this.load.on('filecomplete',function (key,type,data) {

and the result is this:

It seems to get stuck at 83%
loadFinished is the key for a video that I’m trying to load.

I think it’s actually making them, but I can’t start recording the requests before it gets stuck, because if I reload the page it works as it should and loads everything, but I want to find out why when you enter for the first time it doesn’t load.

Sounds like

Hhhmm… interesting… for now I made a function to reload the page if it gets stuck loading, since this only happens when is opened on a new tab is not giving me any more trouble.