Blocking/Culling light with wall?

I’m building a mining game similar to Terraria/Starbound where the player needs to dig into the ground to extract minerals. Right now I’m using a Tilemap for all the underground tiles, but I would like to hide tiles that the player has not mined yet. See below for the effect I’m going for:

I’m guessing this could be done via normal maps, but I’m not too well-versed in those, and would appreciate any pointers or suggestions.

You could set per-tile alpha or use a bitmap mask.

I’ve decided make custom shadow tiles for this effect. From my research, the proper way appears to be using raycaster, GitHub - wiserim/phaser-raycaster: Raycasting plugin for Phaser 3. Documentation:, but I don’t think this works that well with the current light system in Phaser. Might have to wait for Phaser 4 for full support :slight_smile: