Camera wrap?


I want to achieve this effect:

That when a camera view (pink) reaches the end of the tilemap (dark pink), the view renders in the amount of offset the tilemap of the opposite side.

Ideas? Thanks!


Hi @Gabriel,
I think Phaser cameras haven’t a specific method for that.
If you only need to replicate the background and static objects, you could draw them in rendertextures and position them when the camera reaches a limit of the game.
This example of infinite scroll uses that concept:

See the Pen [Phaser3] Infinite scroll using 2 renderTexture objects by Juan Jose Capellan (@jjcapellan) on CodePen.

Or maybe the class TileSprite can be useful in your case.


You could try something this:\game%20objects\tilemap\dynamic\endless%20map.js
However instead of picking random tiles, you just start inserting tiles from the beginning of your make so it appears your camera is wrapping around.


Interesting! Thanks both you guys.

Right now I have the tilemap to stretch all the viewable area and wrap around using TileSprite @jjcapellan and the next step is having the cursor to also wrap around matching the TilemMap to the TileSprite.