Can not load Tiled 1.2 map with Collection of Images

Hello! I am having a problem while trying to load Tiled map where tiles are not based on Tileset Image but are represented by collection of Images (read here in Tiled docs)

Here is the difference:
Tiled JSON Map based on Tileset Image:
Tiled JSON Map represented by collection of Images:

Here is my code
You can reproduce the issue by cloning it, running npm install and npm start.

I have an error image

As I can see in source code Phaser3 parser knows of such scenario and even creates an ImageCollection ParseTilesets.js#L136

But then the parser falls to getting data from empty (in that case) mapData.tiles array: AssignTileProperties.js#L48

Am I doing something wrong, is that a bug or such tilemaps are not supported?
For me uniting all my images into a single file (for example with TexturePacker) is not an option because tons of maps and tilesets are made by the moment and changing them all will be a total pain.

I will try to dig into Phaser3 sources deeper tomorrow to understand why parser behaves like that and what it tries to do in AssignTileProperties.js#L48

Any feedback will be highly appreciated. :handshake:


Any luck with the above. I was struggling with the same issue but ended up using a tileset in the end as couldn’t get the above working?

no luck yet

Thanks for the reply. I gave up eventually with trying and moved my project over to godot. Not to hate on Phaser 3 though. Still a great platform and once you get to grips with it I think its really good especially if you have a javascript background.