Image Collection from Tiled in Phaser

Is there any example how to use Image Collection from Tiled in Phaser?
I was trying to import a map with normal tilesets and its fine, but how to import tiles which are Image Collection?

I don’t know if it’s supported.

I guess it’s supported :slight_smile: but I don’t see how you link the assets. Maybe with addTilesetImage() also?

Hello, I have already figured it out.
Yes, need to use addTilesetImage(), and then its automatic :wink:
I’ll not use it anyway because its not working how I want. I have used sprites for bigger items on the map instead.

Hi Scoppex,
Can you elaborate a bit more your answer, maybe with some example.
I’m struggling with the same problem.

I looked at this a little while ago and it seemed that the tilemap parser failed to create Tilemap#imageCollections.

But I’ve also never seen a Phaser 3 example with an image collection tilemap, so I don’t know if this feature was ever implemented.