Cannot read property isGLTexture of undefined?

Hi, I am currently trying to create a basic arcade game using phazer and react, but I ran into this error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘isGLTexture’ of undefined

Has anyone encountered this before?


this.state = {
            width: 1024,
            height: 768,
            type: Phaser.AUTO,    
            physics: {
                default: 'arcade',
            scene: {
                preload: preload,
                create: create,
               update: update,

` = new Phaser.Game(this.state)

Also, here is the full error message

:3000/static/js/6.chunk.js:152689 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘isGLTexture’ of undefined
at TextureTintPipeline.batchSprite (:3000/static/js/6.chunk.js:152689)
at ArcadeSprite.SpriteWebGLRenderer [as renderWebGL] (:3000/static/js/6.chunk.js:65093)
at WebGLRenderer.render (:3000/static/js/6.chunk.js:150712)
at CameraManager.render (:3000/static/js/6.chunk.js:14944)
at Systems.render (:3000/static/js/6.chunk.js:159598)
at SceneManager.render (:3000/static/js/6.chunk.js:157240)
at Game.step (:3000/static/js/6.chunk.js:19368)
at TimeStep.step (:3000/static/js/6.chunk.js:20115)
at step (:3000/static/js/6.chunk.js:31387)

if the problem is still present, it occurred to me when i had an image object and then removed the loaded texture that the image object used.

I think we need to see the rest of the game code.

If you break there you may be able to find which sprite is involved.