Can't get dude to collide with platforms using the Phaser Editor tutorial

Hi, I’ve been following along with the Phaser Editor tutorial series on YouTube. This series is based on the “Making Your First Phaser Game” tutorial on the Phaser site. As I understand the videos a little bit outdated (Nov 2022) but so far I’ve been able to get comfortable with the editor using this series. That being said, after completing Step 6 (Controlling the player with the keyboard) I’ve noticed that my player doesn’t collide with the platforms at all.

The player is an Arcade Sprite and the platforms are Arcade Images and they’re both using their own prefab. When I turn on physics debug I see a purple outline around the player and a blue outline around the platforms, yet the player falls straight through them and then collides with the bottom of the world. The platforms are rigid and the player is a dynamic.

Is there anything obvious that someone here can think that I need to do that has progressed with Phaser physics since November 2022? Using TypeScript BTW.


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Did you add colliders?

Thank you so much! The teacher probably mentioned this step in the videos and I didn’t notice, but I added the collider to the Level::update() function as instructed here: Making your first Phaser game - Phaser and it works!