Can't run several of the Phaser labs examples

I just started looking at Phaser yesterday and found I was unable to run several of the examples (eg: ). I tried Chrome/iOS, Chrome/Win10 and Edge/Win10 with no luck. Looking at the generated errors I believe that it has to do with the boot.html bootstrap file and how it pre-pends paths to filenames read from the various boot.json files, specifically in line 28:

var folder = filename.substr(0, filename.lastIndexOf('/') + 1);

I believe that the issue is the hardwired forward slash not working for Windows-style paths (backslash) and that changing the line to:

var folder = filename.substr(0, filename.replace(/\\/g,'/').lastIndexOf('/') + 1);

might fix it. Because of the global nature of boot.html and its installation-dependent nature, I have no real way of testing this myself.