Crazy 8 Smackdown

Greetings :cowboy_hat_face:

I’m very excited to share with you my very first game, Crazy 8 Smackdown! It’s a multiplayer card game based on Crazy 8 Countdown (very similar to Crazy 8s). I used Socket IO to handle the server/client communication and Express to serve the files.

If you’d like to give the game a whirl, there’s a live demo running here (need at least 2 players to start a game):

If anyone is curious how the game works, the code for the server/client can be found here:

Any feedback on the code/gameplay/best practices would be greatly appreciated as my next project is much bigger in scope.


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Nice work dude!
I was working on another multiplayer card game (based on a board one), trying to do it as simpler as I can, definitely not an easy task.
Love the “create your avatar” idea, hehe
How long has it taken you this version?
What’s that next bigger idea?

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Thanks for the kind words! Means a lot :sparkles:

Honestly…I’ve picked this game up and set it down more times than I can count…a few weeks ago I felt a burst of motivation to finally hammer it out and it really only took a couple of weeks of grinding to get it in a playable state!

Since then it’s been a matter of rooting out the heaps of small dinky little bugs. Even found a few today haha.

I’m hoping to take my Phaser-fu to the next level and make an online party game (akin to Mario Party) that focuses more on luck and less on skill. I’ll probably spend the next few weeks thinking up ideas/art concepts etc…