Creating a Menu/Pause the game

hi there,
i want to create something like a popup box or menu. Tried to use DOM-Containers but they seem to block the movement control. Another solution could be to run Scenes at the same time but i can’t find any good example for those things in phaser 3.

What i want to do: Run the game. Click something or wait some time after which a menu or popup box opens. After clicking a button the box closes and the game goes further.

So i get some help to create a pause menu. in the main scene the Pause function is called and creates scene like this:


      if (endgame == 1)

       this.input.on('pointerdown', () => {

           console.log('Scene A');

           if (!this.scene.isActive('PauseMenu'))
               // this.scene.pause('SceneMain')


               this.scene.setVisible(true, 'PauseMenu');



and this is the scene that is called'pointerdown', () => {

            console.log('Scene B');


I thought i had to put the function call into the update cycle from the first Scene but that leads to “key” errors when running the game and also strange other errors.

The goal is that after a cerain high score is reached in the game, lets say you get 5 Points, a special screen pops up where you get a message can click a button and close that popup and get back to the game. while the popup is on screen the game is paused.

But i have no clue where to put that logic. (when i use it in “create” it can’t react on high score changes.)