I'm asking for advice

Good afternoon, I’m writing an application of several games that run from the menu. When you start the game, a JS file is connected, a Menu and Game scenes are added. After switching to the menu, the scenes stop.

The problem is that after stop, some data may still be active, it seemed to me that when the scene stops, all the content is deleted, and when start, it is recreated for it.

How do they do it at all? Connect functions from other scripts and add them to two scenes or add new scenes of each game and stop them after entering the menu?

if you’re running several games on the same page, it’s better to create separate Phaser.Game instances rather that swapping scenes. It will enable game developer full control over game.
when changing games, call Phaser.Game.destroy method for destroying each game and releasing resources.
pass noReturn as false since you want to display another Phaser game.