Creating a Phaser 3 game in Facebook Instant Games [FIXED]

So this is my first game in Phaser 3 and Facebook IG, it’s a Men In Black card that shows the profile image with the first letter of the name :

I have followed the tutorial but i get a black screen that doesn’t load the MIB card (juste an image available on my github dedicated repo) and i don’t know why

btw … Merry Christmas to all Phaser Community Family and Friends :wink:

I am having the same issue. I’ve followed all the steps in the tutorial but It just shows loading 0% displays the icons and splash screen I’ve uploaded to the app and never loads the game. Anyone got a clue? I know reviews have been suspended since April 2019 and I’m wondering if this is just broken on Facebook’s end.

Me too i have this problem, i follow all the instructions and test all the code but no thing showen in the screen except the 0% loading…
Is there anyone who can explain how we resolve this error?

Hi there ,

Is there any updated information regarding this topic?


Thank you for your feedbacks

Actually, I am again at this step of the process, as am working on (sorry it’s in french, because we’re trying to build a frenchy community of 2D game devs) I have started the coding process of FBIG again from scratch to be sure to not miss any of the steps

Also the Men in Black card is still on its repo on GitHub Account and is actually showing the loading progress, just by using the FaceBook Instant Games plugin of Phaser 3

PS : If you open a new thread in the forum regarding FBIG please let me know

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