Custom Pipeline - Shader

Hello guys! I’m having some issue regarding shaders and CustomPipelines.

I’m currently using Phaser 3.6. I have a class named HologramPipeline which inherit from a Phaser.Renderer.WebGL.WebGLPipeline. I’m trying to get access to my HologramPipeline doing this :

private hologramPipeline : HologramPipeline
this.hologramPipeline = this.renderer.pipelines.get('HologramPipeline');

I also try this approach for an image :

const hologramePipeline = this.renderer.pipelines.add(
      new HologramPipeline(


The issue with that is that this.renderer.pipelines does not exist. I took a look at the document but I simply can’t find any working example.

Ultimatly, I would like to set this pipeline to a specific layer in a tilemap. What Am I doing wrong?