Dom elements disappear in fullscreen

Hi, so basically as soon as we enter fullscreen mode, any dom elements on screen are suddenly invisible. Checking through chrome’s element inspector, they are all in the correct positions, just not displaying. Exiting fullscreen doesn’t make them reappear, until I switch to a different tab and back again, and which point they reappear.

Was wondering if anybody else has come across this issue and knew a potential fix? Or if it’s worth putting up a github issue for it?

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When an element is put in fullscreen mode, any other elements outside it are hidden. That’s normal. The other part is not, though.

If you can reproduce it in a simplest-possible test case it might be worth opening an issue.

So I guess you would gave to make a wrapper div and set this to fullscreen?

Yes, you can pass the wrapper element as fullscreenTarget in the game config.