Empty this.scene inside my class inherited from Container

Hello everybody. I have a problem related to scene object in my custom class inheriting from Container.
The object is a simple HUD for power, it is updated via global EventsEmitter event.

It works in my first level (zone) but after I change the scene, and destroy previous huds, creating new ones in new scene, I get stuck with a problem that after receiving an event from EventsEmitter, I have no scene reference in my Container object. It simply disappeared and it is undefined.

Do you have any idea what can be the source of problems?

As a hint, I can add, I’m using one scene class for universal levels, which loads and unloads everything what is needed. There was no sense to build separate class for each of many scenes and levels.
Maybe this may be a problem? Temporary to fix a problem, I created a global static object SCENE, which holds current scene reference, and it assigns it when the reference disappears, but it’s ugly and just HOT FIX.

Make sure you’re removing any event handlers if the game object is destroyed or the scene is stopped.

Yes that was the problem. Thanks!