Enlarge body radius

How can I enlarge my body radius with Matter Physics?

I’ve tried to use


method but sprite escapes to positions (0,0) and I don’t know if this is a good solution for performance reasons.

Is there a better way, and if not, why does sprite run to position (0,0)?

Can’t it be done? Really?

Do you mean body.circleRadius = value ?

I tried it. The radius increases, but collides as before the radius increased

Hi, sorry, I re-read your question and I guess the setCircle is ok, but try to pass the current position in the config params

body.setCircle(radius, {position: {x: body.x, y: body.y } })

Anyway I don’t play much with matter and about the performance, not sure

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Thanks for the help, it works, but unfortunately fps much drops every time I call this method. I think there must be another way

However, it’s not falling FPS, only the character loses velocity and stands still for a moment

There really is no method for such a simple thing?