Firebase auth listener leak

I have run into a very old bug with Firebase in my Phaser 3.60 game, in that its auth leaks two listeners every second which tends to flood resources after a while. This is a known issue in Google’s code, in fact it was flagged almost five years ago on Github. I have no idea why Google’s engineers have ghosted the userbase on this seemingly show-stopping issue, but it is what it is.

Even though this is not a Phaser problem, is there any Phaser-specific workaround to this issue? I have been tearing my hair out, even going so far as to try to kludge it from the DOM, but this stuff is beyond my ken. Has anyone else defeated this wumpus?

There’s a discussion about this right now on reddit about this and, sadly, if seems that that not only the issue is still present, but situations like that are common in Google’s OSS libraries :frowning:
One option might be trying supabase, which is quite active, and has a free tier as well