Framerate performance issue on latest Android Chromium browsers

Having trouble with latest version of Chromium Android browsers. My game should run at 60 fps in Chrome, it runs fine on desktop but the frame rate can dip down to around 30 fps on Android and the game is noticeably choppy when moving the player around.

This didn’t happen before, I think this is an issue with recent version of Android Chromium, I tested Android Chrome (116.0.5845.173) and Edge both have same issue.

If I uninstall all Chrome updates and revert to Chrome Android version 80.0.3987.149 performance is rock solid again at 60fps.

Hardware: Moto g7 Play, Android version: 10

Has anyone encountered this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What Phaser version?

Phaser v2.20.0

I think people might have mentioned something like this in Phaser 3, but I’m not sure.

You could try forcing the Canvas renderer and see what happens.

i got the same problem

1FPS when moving the character.
Phaser 2 always gives me performance problems on Chromium platforms the Android Chrome or the Cordova Crosswalk.

This is my theory:
Tilemap layers are rendered to camera size, which means that if we walk around the world and the camera moves, then Phaser will have to show the area of ​​the map that was not visible and hide the one that was visible.
This is what is done in most 2D and 3D graphics engines.
But the new Chromium is different. Its mission is to display the HTML in the best possible way.
If you notice, the game takes longer to preload the assets than if it were run in another browser environment.
I think the game on Chromium takes a while to display the little pieces of webgl that make up the tilemap layer when you move the camera.